Thursday, August 09, 2007

A Balanced Day

I talk to my kids a lot about balance. It's not good to spend too much time on just one thing whether it's video games, tv, exercise, work, reading, whatever...even if it's a "good" activity. We all need a variety of activities and interests. Today there's a lot going on:

We went shopping for school clothes yesterday. The smallest one put on a brief fashion show:

I mentioned how well Max was adjusting in my last post. Heide asked "Did Max come with the house?" A few years after moving into the house we just left, a small grey cat made the rounds at each house on our little cul-de-sac spending a couple weeks at each. He decided, maybe because we were the only house that already had a cat and a built in friend, to stay with us. Since then he has continued with his feral lifestyle and came in to sleep or when it was cold. Any attempt to keep him in resulted in severe us. He's asked about the doors here but hasn't insisted on going out. I'm grateful. The worrywart that I am, I fear he'll get lost or hit by a car (we had few cars on our street before) or something awful if he goes out in our new home. He's been enjoying a lot more affection and privileges because of his new clean and pleasant smelling self. Now I'm hoping I can entice him to enjoy tasty new food and put on a little weight.

Portia is enjoying her new surroundings, too:

Notice she's sitting so "ladylike" (grin) under the bench to the piano which is still out in the garage (sigh).

Last but not least, I finished my pink spinning:


nancy said...

OMG! She look so grown up!!!!! I love the new clothes on her. I'm so glad Max is adjusting well too. Great spinning!!

Heide said...

What a wonderful story about Max. My eleven year old just came in and wanted to know who your daughter was and where she got her clothes. My daughter is a clothes horse and self-proclaimed fashion expert and she totally approves of the new outfits modeled here. Love the pink spinning. It looks like bubble gum! Have a great weekend and good luck with the piano.