Saturday, March 19, 2016

Is it a sin?

That I only spin on a wheel yet hang on to a bunch of cool spindles? I have some nice ones and some that you can't get any more.  I feel like I should sell or give them away...I've been in a purging kind of mood.  I have some lollipops
Not like this
Like this

from here

Well, guess what?! I'm selling them all off.  I've realized I like my Ladybug and Lendrum wheels, and Hansen spinner.  I haven't even so much as dusted my spindles off in years.  Look in my Etsy shop, if you're in the market. 


In the knitting sense, as in "Finished Object." Git yer mind outta da gutter!

This is Garter Yoke Baby Cardi by Jennifer Hoel (who has many FABULOUS designs and patterns) with several modifications which are noted in detail on my project page. I hope to have a photo of Ivy modeling it to add to the project page.

You Spin Me Right Round

Nothing, nada, zip, no spinning going on around here and it makes me sad.

Other Knitting

I'm finally back knitting on The Hobbit.  We're up to Beorn. Okay, I just have to say this: It bothered me how Beorn was managed in the Peter Jackson movie.  I liked his character, his history, his family in the books.  He was ROBBED in the movie and made into such a sad character.  I've missed more interesting and challenging knitting.  I'm happy to be back on the scarf. 
However, I'm itching to cast something new on.  I had a Central Park Hoodie going but have now decided I'm not into the hood part of the hoodie so much.  I'm thinking Dresden in soft, flowy, drapey silk merino in an aubergine color.  Maybe something from cocoknits.  Her designs are so flattering on any shape.


Again, nothing, nada, zip. I'm okay with that.  I have tons of items in stock and am not feeling the glass mojo right now. It's all about the fiber, baby, little sheepies and bunnies all the time.


Lady Misty Morn said...

totally not a sin to own multiple spindles just because they are cool, but if you've got some looking for a new home...i know one that always welcomes spindles.

Marta Poling said...

I'll post when I list them. I suddenly got swamped 😉