Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer = Projects

The Jacob Project
We took several field trips this year. On a couple of them, our bus driver was Bob, Bob the Bus Driver ;-). Bob and I would talk during the wait time. Turns out, he has a couple Jacob sheep. He was floored that I knew what they were and pleased I got so excited about them. He asked if I wanted the fleeces for this year. DID I WANT THEM?? I think so! He had them in a trash bag and I remarked on how clean they were. He had washed his sheep off before sheering them. He said he knew he'd be giving me the fleeces to me and used dishsoap and hosed off the sheep who complained loudly. What a mental picture! I wonder if pissed off sheep do naughty things like other pissed off pets. I'll have ask Bob next time I see him. I tried to pay him and he refused saying he would have thrown it away if I didn't want it (blasphemy!). He shyly added he'd really like something made from his sheep, though.

I can do that.

Today I started The Jacob Project, 2010. Here are the photos from day 1. I pulled out the fleeces (there appears to be two) and looked at them wondering how I'd approach the prep and spinning. There are very nice color blocks of white, brown and black....I could separate them and spin them separately. However, since Bob wanted something really representative of his sheep, in the end, I've decided to card batts in order off the fleece. Today's picking and carding was from a big mostly white chunk. Max thoroughly enjoyed our sheepie time together.

I plan to spin these four batts up in order and will post pics after.


Lost City Denise said...

Oh what lovely fleeces!!! And what a score!

Justin said...
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