Monday, January 24, 2011

Hey, Teach!

Yea, that's seems to be all I'm doing these days. However, as all encompassing and time consuming it is, it feels right. I love my job. Yes, I'm hoping it doesn't always involve this kind of time commitment but I can finally say "I've found my calling and I know I made a difference." I just spent six hours on a day I "took off" working. Seems a bit wrong but I feel better for it. Someone asked me the other day after hearing how much time I put into teaching and differentiating for my students, "So, does that mean you'll have a contract from now on?" Short answer? No. There's no such thing as tenure anymore, my friend. And, with budget butchering, no one is completely secure. But, I no longer fret about next year...what's the point? Like I said, I know I've made a difference after hearing that from both a colleague and from students. sigh...I'm happy and fulfilled; happy, fulfilled and exhausted ;) I have faith everything will work out just fine.

So, why on Earth would anyone take a day off just to do work? Conferences.
I dunno, maybe it's because I've been on the parent side of that event. I want to be well prepared and for parents to know exactly what goes on for their child when they're entrusted to me. Or, I just want to be prepared for this...

On the fibery front,
I finished this

My New Felted Bag
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