Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hello, old friend!'s been a while. A lot can happen in two years, and has.

The short list:
Aspergirl graduated and starts college in a couple weeks.
Mini-me is taking four (yes, FOUR) AP classes and is junior drum major as a junior in high school.
I was transferred to a school which turned out to be a complete and utter mis-match (it happens).
I needed to scale back because that year (see above) completely used me up, and, all of a sudden, my girls grew up.
I spent most of last year at one school where I felt appreciated, valued and I, personally, loved both the staff and students.
oh, yea, I got married. AL and I finally tied the knot. It's grand.

All caught up? Ok.

Now, let's move on.
I've been teaching. I know you know I teach public school but I've also gone back to teaching knitting. Love it.
I've been spinning like a mad woman. I think I've become quite good...good enough to sell (oooh, is that significant music playing in the background, I hear?).
I love knitting things for babies and toddlers. There's quite a stash growing in the closet which may need to be released (see music above).

To sum up: Life is good.

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beth9795 said...

You forgot about the cats mom....