Sunday, March 06, 2016

I learned a new thing!

I know it's probably the most stereotypical "girly" thing ever, and I don't do the girly thing about most things, but...
I've missed my nails!
I used to go to a guy to get Pink and White type acrylic nails.  I would only go to him and didn't trust anyone else.  Then I was making less money so something had to go.  It was an easy choice.  That was $25 about every two weeks that could go towards something important instead of my nails.  Besides, I could polish and everything would be the same, right?  No. I really didn't realize how that acrylic protected my thin, weak nails and dry, snag-prone cuticles.  I'm hard on my hands - I knit, spin, scour fleeces, prep those fleeces using scary sharp tools, work with glass, in addition to all the other household things one finds themselves doing.  The first winter without Steve was painful! My fingertips cracked and bled. I know, I know. Some will say "That's what having acrylics do to nails." Nope.  My nails were like that always.  Plus, Steve was great.  He knew how to maintain healthy nails under the hard stuff. My nails were continuously peeling off and the cuticles...let's not even go there! I got a UV lamp thingie and some CND shellac colors plus a base/top coat.  That helped.  It still didn't protect but at least my nails looked okay most of the time. 
I thought I could do my own! I've watched Steve do it hundreds of times.  I bought a starter acrylic kit.  It was awful.  I failed...big fat F.  Then I started watching NaioUK on YouTube. She was WONDERFUL. I love the way she carefully explains how to take care of nails, add tips, apply acrylic or gel for strength.  I purchased a starter kit for gels.  I love love love them! After a couple applications, I think I've figured it out.  The first go-round, I had thick nails.  They worked great but didn't look great.  Then I filed down and reapplied weekly with a thin coat.  I think I've got it! Last week I filed down and added some tips.  I think I could use just a bit more gel at the point just below the quick. I think she (the FABULOUS woman who does the NaioUK videos) calls it the pressure point or the stress point.  My cuticles still need to heal and having nice, short but not down to the nib nails will prompt that soon enough. 
Gah! Who thought I'd get so excited about something like nails! I'm so happy to have them back!
I'm not the best at polishing nails but it's better than it was and on their way to feeling so much better.

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