Sunday, May 01, 2016

The Great Void

I have a wonderful weekend job.  It's very secure, with great people, pays quite well, and I'm very, very grateful.  I remember when I interviewed for it.  The supervisor asked me, "Marta, are you sure you'll like this? It's going to be boring for you and you're clearly overqualified." I told her I was SURE.  And, it's still perfect, considering my weekday gig can be challenging, stressful, and definitely low paying.  A long-time friend was saying she needs down time between tasks and how frustrating it is.  I can completely understand. 
There's a continuous list of projects revolving around in my head.  Some are just things for my family, my friends, or ::gasp!:: myself.  Others are things I want to design and will take some decent chunks of time to think through, research, sketch, construct, rip out, reconstruct (repeat ad nauseum), write up, send to a test knitter, get the idea.  Still others I just want to make and sell, because it would be fun and might make a little moo-lah.  Moo-lah is good. That's why I'm thinking of all those things while at work, making the moo-lah.  Does this happen to everyone?
I have a great job that doesn't require me to bring copious amounts of work home and work another four to six hours after the contracted eight hours just to keep up ::coughteachingcough::. So, you'd think I could do those things when I get home at somewhere around 5:30 in the evening. 
I want something to eat, then I plop myself down, cuddle the cat a bit, and veg...maybe read or watch tv or listen to a podcast, maybe even snooze.  I remember a time in my 20s when I would get home after a full day's work, go to a second part time job, then go clubbing, get home sometime around 2:00 am, then get up at 6:00 am, fresh as a daisy.  Those days are gone, my friend.  If you're a 20-something who mistakenly stumbled upon this blog, take note: Enjoy your days of youth, focus, and energy.  I never thought I'd just get tired. I get tired and bored but my mind doesn't stop. Oh well, hell. So, my ideas will still be there and hopefully. I'll get to see them through to fruition sooner than later.

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Andrea said...

I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Also tired, but my brain just keeps making longer lists... hahaha