Monday, August 28, 2017

Teaching Philosophy

Part of this website includes a section headed "Philosophy." That would be my educational philosophy...well, I suppose given the day and circumstances, it might include other philosophical discussion but teaching is a huge part of my life so it's likely to be all about getting the information out there. That's also something that has evolved and will continue to change and morph as time goes on. I'm also a student so my ideas of the perfect educational philosophy change. At least, let's hope they do. If my approach, ideas, questions about educating people ever become stagnant, please, people, let me know!
Today my educational philosophy is oh-so-different than a few years ago. I went from teaching professionals specific tools they need to do their work to teaching five-year-olds, then quickly jumped into teaching English and Science in a middle school (and before you groan, I LOVE the complexity of young teens and am a silly, nerdy, goofy teen myself, in many ways), and now have found my nirvana teaching English to the evening crowd at my local alternative high school. So, understandably, my approach to adult students who are focused on completing the requirements for their high school diploma are very different than teaching kinders how to read, compute simple math, and to "do and love school."
::throatclearing:: My Philosophy in a simple list:
  1. Present information in a variety of formats in the hope of connecting with each student's method of learning.
  2. Teach students how to engage, be enthusiastic about learning, and the tools to learn for the long term.
  3. Keep instruction fresh and interactive.
  4. Communicate effectively with students, team, administration, and anyone else around me regarding educational practices and expectations.
  5. Above all, trust and respect my students, their support network/people, and my colleagues.

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