Saturday, September 30, 2017

Hey, Teach!

Note: This post was part of a professional website building class. I needed a separate blog and titled it "Hey, Teach!" Now it'll make a little more sense.

I wanted to find a better title for this section than "Blog." Blog is boring, blog is what everyone has and no one reads. 
I thought about where my head-space is and what's important to me now. Teaching is most definitely at the top of the list but that's not enough. When my principal and I were talking about all those worrisome things we do at reviews, he was scanning down and said "'Creates a warm, caring environment...' oh, you care so much about your students, that's not an issue..." I smiled. So, today when I found synonyms for blog like "journal," or "buzz," or "rumor," or "gossip," or a variety of other mundane terms while trying to pinpoint that extra something about teaching, that quality, that was so elusive, I heard a gentleman's voice say "Hey, Teach!" in my mind. I smiled.
I worked at the Denver VA Hospital for a few years to supplement my income, as so many teachers do.  Drill Master Sergeant Ralph Benjamin was a volunteer who worked with me. "Ben," as he preferred, was an outstanding and honorable individual who would cheerfully bark out "Hey, Teach!" every time I walked in. 
Ralph Benjamin passed on May 18, 2017. He'll be missed but I'll always hear his voice saying "Hey, Teach!" and see his bright smile in my memories.

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