Thursday, September 28, 2017

Reddit or Tumblr?

I've heard about Reddit and Tumblr, most recently used ironically in the new Ghostbusters movie (don't watch the theatrical version, watch the extended/director's version - the difference is amazing). I'm done avoiding and am ready to take the plunge. Will I like either? Both? Neither?
Reddit - I haven't looked at it before today. My first impression was how C code it looked. It reminded me of Yahoo and it's home page. I still use Yahoo groups with one group who refuses to give it up after 15 years. I was at a loss about what to search on, drew a blank, so typed in "high school dropout." Most of my student population are previous dropouts.
I found a forum with posts from drop outs describing their experiences. Wow. It stimulated some big-time ideas. I saw some very raw posts about life after dropping out. I have a writing elective coming up. I can see lots of prompts and exploration using these forums. For me, it'll be a new resource for meaningful, provoking writing prompts.
Tumblr - I actually had a logon and had forgotten about it. I don't remember exploring it at all. My first impression was that this is a conglomerate of blogs but then tried a search, "high school dropout," and was surprised at what I saw. It resembled Pinterest with quick graphics of posts and notes. I didn't see much that offered material as a resource and clicked on "Staff Picks" and, again, was underwhelmed. I don't see Tumblr as being a resource for me, at this time.
What do you think? Which apps would you recommend to an alternative high school English teacher? Comment below.

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