Monday, May 20, 2019

We’re better than this

We had ANOTHER school shooting. See up there? In the header? Where it says “teacher?” I’m a teacher in a public school, just like STEM in Littleton. This shit breaks my heart and exhausts me. And, let me just stop you if you’re about to bring up teachers carrying side arms. That’s a HARD NO. I’m there to TEACH. Already we aren’t paid for all the hours we spend or reimbursed for our own financial contributions. My sole job is to nurture, care, educate, and guide our next generation. A better solution, if you’re thinking countermeasures might work (which they wouldn’t), would be to increase our security in schools similar to that in courthouses and hire security professionals whose job it is to protect all of us, students and teachers. But, it wouldn’t work. It would just create a police state because the underlying problem in school shootings is how we treat our children and each other.

Instead of preparing for the end of the end of the school year and celebrating student achievement, we're mourning Kendrick Castillo, a real hero, and hoping for recovery for all those affected by the shooting on May 7, 2019.

This weekend Muhlaysia Booker was found murdered. She had suffered a mob attack April 12th. That attack was recorded while bystanders watched until a group of women dragged her to safety. There has been an arrest in the beating as a hate crime and charges are being considered for those who watched and did nothing. Her death is being investigated as homicide.

Until we can treat people... well, like PEOPLE, we will have those who are pushed beyond their limits and people who are too quick to judge when they have no business judging anyone else.

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