Hogwarts House Cardigan - Ravenclaw Forever!

Here are my modifications to my pattern, Hogwarts House Cardigan, in my version for myself: Ravenclaw Forever!
Modifications and the steek

My gauge with this wool and producing the fabric I liked, was slightly different than the wool I used in the prototype. I used a little math to accommodate the gauge then moved to the next size up. I like a 45” classic cardigan. The stitch count to get that matched XL. My row count matched gauge so my increases will be okay. I’m a very consistent knitter but different yarns have different gauges even though they’re classified the same. I knitted quite a bit before I realized it wasn’t looking right and lesson learned - ALWAYS swatch :woman_facepalming::skin-tone-2:

April 12, 2020

Mod #1 - Seamless construction: I added up the fronts and back and cast the total on. I put a little pink rubber grommet at each side to show where the armhole will go. I thought I’d work it flat like the pattern, then I worked the ribbing and remembered just how much purling slows me down and how much I dislike being slowed down when it’s unnecessary.
Mod #2 - Worked in the round then steeked up the front. I cast on five steek stitches at the center front once I completed the bottom edge ribbing. Then continued in the round once the stockinette started. I put a marker at the beginning and at the end of the steek stitches to make it easier when I baste down the sides for neck band pick up and the center for cutting.
Mod #3 - I added one stitch to the initial cast on so the first rib stitch on each side of the front band is a knit stitch. I added that stitch to the back then did a k2tog at the center back when transitioning to stockinette.

April 27, 2020

I considered steeking the armholes, then decided to divide and work back and forth. I’ve steeked armholes when the wool was fine and it still added a little ridge. This yarn is pretty fat and would add a considerable ridge so I gave up some speed over comfort. I constructed front and back per the book. I measured length by rows. I tend to use row counts rather than measure everything after calculating gauge from a sizable swatch. I put in coil-less pins every 10 rows for easy counting.
Mod #4 - Instead of binding off at the shoulders and neckline, I put each on a waste yarn, three yarns total. The shaping is the same. I prefer a sturdy 3-needle bind off for shoulders for structure.

April 29, 2020

Mod #5 - I put shoulder and neck stitches from the front and back on holders then finished the shoulders in 3-needle bind off. If you look at the photos, you’ll see only two needles because I slid a stitch from the front then the back then knit together and bound off.

April 30, 2020

Sleeves - I basically followed my pattern backwards to get the proper stitch count for the short rows and used German Short Row technique. Then I decreased at the specified points to get to my cuff stitch count, worked the Ravenclaw colors, ribbed and bound off.
I calculated the number of rows for each decrease section and the remainder required for the total length to the underarm. That created to first section before decreases began. This is where row gauge needs to be spot on or absolutely clear.

May 9, 2020

If it can go wrong it will.
When I reversed the sleeves from cuff up to shoulder down, I forgot that the length was from the cuff edge so I left 2 1/2 inches off my calculations. OY!
I felt I had three options:
1 - Reknit the sleeve Nope
2 - Finish it then make a snip at the correct length, rip up to the armhole and graft together Do I really have to?
3 - Accept the length but add a thumb hole half way into the cuff taking careful notes so I’m sure to recreate it all for the second sleeve I really meant to do that

June 8, 2020

Issues came up, my knitting was delayed. In the meantime, I realized I would be happier with the sleeves knit correctly so ripped back and am knitting them as written, except upside down, seamless and remembering to include the cuffs in my measurements.

July 2, 2020

I had to put this sweater aside to finish up some other things but all the knitting is done. I’m just waiting for buttons and grosgrain ribbon to arrive.
One item to be aware of:
This yarn bled like crazy in a cold bath. I used a wool wash and tap water in the coldest setting.

July 13, 2020

All done and buttons and ribbon sewn.
The ribbon came from East Coast Ribbon Company
The buttons came from Daydreamer Goods