Friday, June 11, 2021

An Apology

I recognize that many people have been hurt, deeply hurt. I sincerely apologize for my part in that hurt. I agreed to submit designs for Harry Potter Knitting Magic in early 2019, then for Harry Potter Knitting Magic More Patterns in June 2020. JK Rowling‘s comments from June 6, 2020, then her subsequent behavior of digging in instead of apologizing have been abhorrent, disgusting, and unforgivable. I kept my promises and fulfilled my contractual obligation, while becoming increasingly more aware of Rowling’s transmisogynistic views. In view of those horrific statements and the hurt they caused and continue to cause, and with a desire to make reparations, I won’t be pursuing or supporting anything which might support Ms. Rowling, regardless of how direct or indirect it might be. I hope all who have felt any pain as a result of my participation in Harry Potter projects can forgive me.

Marta, aka martaschmarta

Chantel/Mudpunch said it perfectly, “…a fictional world does not take precedence over the pain real people feel.” Thank you, Chantel.

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